Wiser Energy Management

Anyone who knows me in real life might use the word “stubborn” to describe me. Or possibly even “tough.” I have a dear friend with whom I went to a writing workshop, out on the Oregon Coast one spring. He still refers to the walk we took…

New measures for new times

Scale with question marks

A friend of mine recently posted on social media how she’d just had a melt-down at her husband. In the end, the causes of the melt-down were A) Pandemic Fatigue and B) Risk Assessment.

I’ve written about pandemic fatigue before. It’s real. I’m seeing it…

Moving in tips

I’ve moved around. A lot. I’ve talked before about how I’ve always considered turning a house into a home one of my superpowers.

So this last move, I spent some time trying to figure out the whys and hows of what it took for me to make…

My Experience

Knee Replacement Plush Toy from GiantMicrobes

I don’t have one of those clever titles like, “Three Things Everyone Must Do Before Knee Surgery” or “Five Cools Tricks For a Trick Knee” or anything like that.

While I understand the economics of a click-bait title, I figure that maybe, just maybe, telling you of my…

Creating under stressful circumstances

NOTE: This was written over a month ago, while I was still in the middle of everything. This is not where I currently am, but it is accurate of where I was.

I am, shall we say, BUSY right now.

I am doing a major renovation…

Thriving during a move

“Moving van” pulled up to the door of TH1

I’m kind of moving at the time I’m writing this.

The reason it’s only kind of is because the old location is about 120 yards away from the new location. As I’ve mentioned before, I currently live in a tiny house. We’ve spent the summer rebuilding…

And it goes on and on and on

I seem to be noticing a trend among my friends currently, all talking about how tired they are of the plague.

These are people who have, for the most part, followed the rules. They masked up. They stayed home. They’ve stood apart…

Continuing series about DIY tiling

So…after you put down your tile, what’s next?

You wait. Depending on your area, the humidity, and so on, you wait for at least twenty-four hours. Do not skimp on this time! …


Leah Cutter sold her first short story back in 1997, and continues to write and sell both her fiction and non-fiction. She supports herself with her writing.

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